5 Best Blanket Ladders

Even though I am in Southern California where we call 50 degrees cold, fall and winter are the perfect season to bring out the big cuddly blankets. My favorite way to store my blankets during the season is blanket ladders. With today’s Pinterest ideas, and YouTube tutorials, there are so many options! I have a couple different styles I have made, and my current blanket ladder is an old 1940’s Painting  ladder. It is perfect for hanging all of my cuddly goodness.


Even though blanket ladders can be made at as little as $5, I know that many of you have no interest in making one yourself. I have included some of my favorite style and reasonably priced blanket ladders and links to purchase them, just in time for those cold, cuddle up in blanket nights.


You can use blanket ladders all over your house. I have one in the living room for our late night movies, or cold mornings. I even have one in my backyard for nights we spend outside. And my front porch has one too. Maybe I am a little obsessed.


The Modern Blanket Ladder from Target $39.99


The Trendy Ombre Ladder $76.00 on Etsy


The Rustic Chunky Blanket ladder for $35.00


Buy an old paint ladder from local thrift or antique store

The Vintage Blanket Ladder – Usually between $25-$50


The Dainty Blanket Ladder- My Etsy Shop $25.00


Make your own. This one might take the most time, but it is much easier than you think. I shared my DIY Blanket Ladder a few months ago.


Whether you decide to purchase, or create your own blanket ladder, its a must for this holiday season.

Happy Designing!


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