A Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Hello Blog World… How I have missed you. I am so excited to back with you all sharing some of my favorite projects and tips. Although I have never claimed to be an expert, I was always taught to be money concience and I have a love and passion for design. That combo and having a very little- to no “home” budget myself, causes a deep desire for you to understand that it is TOTALLY possible to create the home YOU love with little- to no budget as well.

My kitchen is the smallest Kitchen in the world. Okay. Maybe I am exaggerating, but seriously. This little Galley way kitchen is itty bitty. It has been one of those “drive me crazy rooms” with a horrible paint color, a old air condition unit taking up my one and only window, and outdated appliances. The floor was pretty damaged when we first moved in as well, but it was about the only thing that we updated right away. But even that was left over flooring from the churches office remodel and my mom and I laid it ourselves.


My first step to the remodel was paint. I had left over paint from our living room so of course it was a no brainer. The color is Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” and I love it.

I loathed the air conditioning unit with everything in me. I couldn’t see out the only window I have in the kitchen. This already dark space was even darker with no natural light coming in. The unit was old, ugly, and it hardly worked. So for me it was an absolute. The unit had to go. My husband on the other hand disagreed. He thought I might complain of the heat during our summer months when I cook. I promised I wouldn’t complain and so he agreed.

Now that I had a window, I needed a cute light above it. This light was one of my DIY projects. I purchased this old rusted basket at a flea market for $3, and the Ikea hanging light for $10. Then I connected it with some black zip ties at the top. Wa-La. I had a $13 light fixture.

The EAT letters are from Hobby Lobby. I love the little farmhouse touch that it brings to my kitchen.  And the shade was purchased on Amazon Prime for $30. Gotta love Amazon.

These wire baskets are also an Ikea find. They are only a few dollars and help maximize the small pace on my counters. You can also buy extra hooks at Ikea which is how I hang my bananas.

Then there was my Fridge. This honker took up most of my small kitchen and the water dispenser had started to leak and rust. I had gone to a local Habitat for Humanity Restore, which is one of my favorite places to shop for any kitchen, bathroom, or home remodels. They have great items for GREAT prices. I had gone to find a new faucet and instead.. I found this fridge for a whopping $100. It was originally a built- in in someones home, so the motor was exposed at the top. This meant I had to remove the cupboard above our current fridge, and build something to cover the ugliness of the motor. It also had to breathe. So this easy DIY cover cost about $35.. and now its one of my favorite things in my kitchen.

Lastly, I added a new faucet. Since I  couldn’t find one at our local Habitat, I caved and bought a normal priced one at Home Depot. A little more than I wanted to spend, but little changes like these can change a space drastically so I think it was totally worth it.

Altogether I know my kitchen isn’t perfect. It isn’t magazine worthy, or even something that would stop me in my track, but these little changes have made me want to be in my kitchen again. I want to cook now and the dishes are fun. Well almost. The total makeover cost $220 and it was worth every penny.

~ Happy Budget Friendly Makeovers


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