A Uniquely Perfect Dining Room

Nothing is better than gathering around a dining room to enjoy a hot meal with the people you love. Okay, I can think of one thing: Gathering around that same table with the same people in a beautifully restyled dining room that encompasses farmhouse charm, chippy goodness, and modern dining decor. And as always, ALL  done on a budget. This entire room was completely restyled for $300 (everything except dining table, chairs, and light)


The vision for this room was simple. Literally SIMPLE. Sometimes less is more and I knew this room needed exactly that. Simple farmhouse design meets modern Orange County home.  Some of the main places I shopped for this design was:

Home Goods

TJ Maxx




and Home Depot for my building supplies.


Goodwill is the best place to shop for Farmhouse decor on a budget. So many people throw out old family heirlooms, attic junk, and items that may seem out of date. I found many of the items on this shelf from Goodwill. All for $60.


TJ Maxx and Home Goods are my favorite places to find table runners and dishcloths on a budget. I bought both of these items for $20.



Ikea is my favorite place for faux plants. Who has time to keep real ones alive? Okay maybe you do. I most certainly do not, and I know many of my clients do not as well. All of these plants were under $5 a piece. Greenery can make any room come alive, and is essential for home decor. If you feel like a space is dull or just “not right”, add a plant. It can change EVERYTHING!!


Michaels is my go to for crafting mostly, but I came across this deal of a deal when I was there the other day and I knew that these candelabras were perfect. They were chippy and wonderful and on sale.  They were $20 for two!! And don’t forget to download their app for coupons. I got 20% off of my purchase.


At Home Depot I bought all of my supplies to build my:

Chicken Feed Centerpiece- the tutorial for this is on the blog HERE.


DIY $20 chalkboard that I promise to share in a few weeks.


 & DIY $6 ladder that I also promise to share soon.


DIY Shanty 2 Chic Floating shelves that costed $45 for each set. The tutorial for those beauties can be found HERE.


“Mercantile” Sign purchased from my ETSY SHOP.


All in all, this simple farmhouse house dining room is ready for family and friends to make memories. Nothing is sweeter than that, & I feel so lucky to be a part of that story.


Hope you are inspired. ~Taylor


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