Big Boy Room Reveal

My boys have been wanting a BIG boy room for quite some time now. I had some thoughts which included Pinterest ideas and other farmhouse style decor that would flow with the rest of the house… and be trendy…. and be perfect. Then my husband adds his idea to the table… DINOSAURS!!!! And to make matters worse, he said it in front of the kids, so I stood no chance. Imagine the horror as I sit there trying to smile while my boys and husband scream with excitement over their idea. This mama hates cheese. There is nothing worse than cheesy kid stuff. I know I know. Worst mom ever alert. I can’t help it. So my brain got a -tick’n. How could I possibly create a non cheesy Dinosaur room.

I went with mostly black and white, and small pops of color.

Pattern on pattern is the perfect “against the rules” design method. It adds dimension and depth and it just pops don’t ya think?

I wanted decals on the walls… two in particular. Swiss Cross pattern and a large “RAWRRRR”. But when it came down to it, the budget for this room just wasn’t there. See  I don’t let things like money stop me when I have an idea. In fact, I usually have very little budget for my projects. Its what makes it more fun. You have to get more creative.

I decided to create my own images for what I wanted. I used Canva,  a free online program that is super user friendly, and has almost everything you need when it comes to creating a graphic.

Then I used a projector up on the wall to enlarge the image. I simply copied it onto the wall. Cheap and easy. My kind of project. The swiss crosses took a couple of hours, but they are perfectly imperfect and I love them in all of their imperfection. If you don’t have access to a projector.. You can purchase them for as little as $25 on Amazon.

Download my Swiss Cross or Rawrrrrr

I found  these sweet little plush Dino heads at Goodwill for $9 each. Target sells them as well as lots of other characters. They had pandas, unicorns, flamingos, zebras…and if I had a girl, I would be ALL over those flamingos.

These beautiful duvet covers were handmade by my mother in law. They were exactly what I had envisioned  bringing the whole room together.

The Wooden cut outs were shades of blue, green, and orange… and did I mention I hate cheese? By painting these guys black, white, and grey, and adding a little pattern, they became  a perfect addition to the room.

This easy DIY shelf was my 4 year old sons idea. He wanted to “add a shelf with dinosaurs”. So I made the shelf and they painted these Dinosaurs I found at Target.

Lastly I styled this curbside find with some of my favorite faux Ikea plants, Hobby Lobby Sign, and some fun little Dino toys.

Altogether this project cost me $30. Yup. $30 and only took me one day to complete… and the best part, not an ounce of cheese to be found. Except for these little cheese balls that just love their room.

Happy DIYing.

6 thoughts on “Big Boy Room Reveal

  1. Just adorable!! You always have such great ideas, Taylor. I enjoy looking out for your finished projects, you put so much thought and care into each one.

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