Craft & Coffee Workshop- Overcoming Fear and Comparison

Do any of you ever compare yourself to others? Tell yourself that “they” have it all together.. if only “I” did too. I was really convicted by this last week as I watched all the beautiful women that God brought to my workshop create their unique pieces. You’re probably wondering where the connection is, but I know that God had a plan, even for this ladies night out. I couldn’t wait to show you how the night went and also share the details so you can host your own Craft and Coffee Night.


At the beginning of the night, I had the fear that no one would show up, or everyone would despise the craft, or not be able to complete it in time. Of course, none of that happened. We had 14 girls, and one 10-year-old boy. It was a blast. As we began to create our signs, I saw that same fear I had experienced earlier in some of the ladies faces. A couple explained out loud that they are not really the “crafting type”, or had no crafting ability. Through their faces and words, I could see that these were coming from a place of fear and insecurity. I believe that God wanted to work through and among the women that night, and the enemy likes to get in our heads and into the depths of our hearts. I am so glad that none of the women allowed their fears to overtake them.


We started with painting, sanding, and began to trace our words onto the boards. {This is the most difficult part of the craft. So if and when you decide to throw your own party, be certain to provide a well-lit area and when in doubt use a flashlight. Sounds crazy, but my mother in law spent most of the night holding a flashlight above boards so everyone could see their lines.}


As the women began to create their signs, I saw the uniqueness in each of them. Not one of the pieces was exactly the same. I saw them embrace what they saw for their signs and in the end every women had a smile on their face. How good God is. He took away that fear, allowed the women a time of excitement and joy as they created their own masterpiece. I had been thinking of this when a friend of mine who joined the party wrote this on my Facebook page:

“As I was very thankful for the people who participated in your Friday craft class. We were basically making the same thing, but each one put their own unique touch to the boards. There was no competition, but plenty of encouragement to go around. As I was having my morning devotions the next day, comparing yourself with others happened to be the subject. “God always leads us on a path that is TAILOR-MADE for him and her.” Don’t look for affirmation in wrong places, either in other people or yourself. “The only source of real affirmation is His (God’s) unconditional love…This is how I see you; radiant in My robe of righteousness…” Isaiah 61:10”


How right she is. We so often compare ourselves to others, wishing we were just like them. When each of us are “Taylor Made” perfectly. He has created us to be the people he wanted and each of us is perfect. Whether we are crafty, or gifted in others ways, Christ’s love for us is the same. He created us to be that very person. Why would we want to change that? I love that all the women, and boy, were themselves. They didn’t try to recreate what another person did, but rather embraced who they were and it was beautiful. I am so grateful for the women who came (and the boy) and for the truth that they showed me.


If you want to host your own Coffee and Craft Workshop, you can download the step by step instructions here.

Don’t forget your supply list. Prior to the party, I cut and sanded the tops and sides of the boards so we would have enough time to get through it all.

If you would like the Market or Gather template I provided for each lady, you can download it here as well.


Happy DIYing Ladies, embrace the way you’re “Taylor Made”, and create something beautiful.DSC_0341DSC_0340DSC_0339DSC_0338

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