DIY Blanket Ladder- Under $10

I had my boutiques the last couple of weeks and I am finally recovering from all the go go go. This week has felt like a slow reintegration into normal and balanced schedules for us. I don’t know about you, but the first thing to go when we are busy is the house. I was so ready to clean clean clean and get everything back in order. Now that I feel like we are finally there, I am able to share some fun things with you once again. I know we are entering into summer months, but who doesn’t like a chippy old ladder. And you can use this one for tea towels in a kitchen, bathroom towels for the bathroom, or blanket ladder in the living room. Its multifunctional! And you all know, but of course its on a budget and takes about 30 minutes to build!


Supplies Needed:

1- 2X2 AT 8 ft (You probably can’t fit this in your car so have the Home Depot employee cut it in half at 4 ft)

1 5ft 3/4″ dowel (usually sold at the end of an isle at home depot)

1 DIY Stain- Click here for tutorial on stain

Wood Glue

Tools needed:


3/4 Spade Bit

Step One:

Cut the 8 ft 2X 2’s in  half at 4 ft. If you want a longer ladder, buy two 2 X 2’s at the length that you want them.

Step Two:

Stain all wood and dowel using the DIY Stain or whatever color you have on hand.

Step Three:

Sand it down to give it a rustic look. You can also add some splotches of white paint and sand to make it look more chippy.

Step Four:

Measure from the top of each 2X2. You want to mark it at 3 inches, and then 10 inches from that point, 10 inches from that point, and 10 inches from that point.


Step Five:

Using your CIRCULAR 3/4 inch bit, drill holes into the 2X2’s at where you made your marks. Try to center the bit before drilling each time. Also try to eye the depth of each hole and keep them relatively the same each time. For you perfectionist out there, don’t worry about the exact amount.



Step Six:

Cut your dowel into 1 FT pieces.

Step Seven:

Drop wood glue in each hole of one 2X2 laying down and stick dowel in each hole. Screwing them in to make sure they are secure. Turn them upside down and place the other side into the dowels with wood glue as well.




Happy DIYing!!


I love to see your creations. Tag me in your photos #uniquelytaylormade


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