DIY Chicken Feed Centerpiece {& shhh for under $5}

Do you ever have a case of bed to do’s? Let me explain. My head hits the pillow and my mind thinks its time to create. Suddenly I remember everything I forgot to do that day ..Or worse, I start thinking of all the possibilities there are for my house or what I know I could do or build. For some reason I am a lot more excited, optimistic and adventurous about projects when I am thinking about them after I lay down at night. What the heck? Why Can’t I be this determined about laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping? This is not so good for my mind because I almost always wake up in the morning and have forgotten half or most of what I had in mind the night before… or reality sets in and I realize whatever I was dreaming of was impossible or a little out there. This is frustrating. Anyone else get me or am I the only crazy.


This project came from one of those moments… it just happens to be one of the only times it actually worked out. YAYYYY!!! Finally!! I was laying there thinking about the two pieces of planks I had, and all the possibilities began. Then I thought, “Wouldn’t a cute little chicken feeder look adorable on my new table?” Yes this is me talking to myself. My husband isn’t a pillow talk kind of guy so come on, I have to talk to someone. Anyone who knows me knows I am a talker… apparently I even talk my own ear off.

The best part. This project was way simpler that I could have imagined. Again.. This is a first.

Here are the Materials/ tools needed:


  • (2) 1×4 cedar planks – $2 (Estimated price) You can find these in the fencing section of Home Depot and you will want to get the dog eared pieces for this project.
  • Nail gun or Nails and hammer

Step One:

Measure and cut 2 1X4’s at 31 inches. Cut one more at 31 inches as well. You should now have a total three 31 inch cuts.

Step two:

Cut the dog eared edges off of both planks. You will want to measure from the top of the dog eared side to the bottom at 6 inches. If you want your sides shorter, you can cut them at any length you would like.


Step Three:

Place one of the 31 inch pieces flat for the base and put each of the others on the side so they are sitting like walls against the base. Nail these together using a Nail gun or a hammer and finishing nails. Now you should have two sides and a base.


Step Four:  

Place the dog eared cuts on top of the base on each end and flush it with the sides and all edges. Nail these together. You could also use wood glue to secure all the sides and edges and finish the project using a couple of nails.

Step Five:

Sand, stain, and finish according to your preference. I have yet to decide what I will do with it, but I am thinking of sanding, staining a darker brown and painting it with a white chalk paint. Also, you can finish the edges with some old rusty nails. You can create rusty nails by submerging nails into a mason jar with fine steel wool and vinegar, and let them sit overnight. They will be nice and rusty in the AM. The possibilities are endless. Ut oh here I go with my ideas again.


Good Luck Fellow DIYers. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I would love to see any and all of your Uniquely Taylor Made creations. Tag me on Instagram so I can see them!



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