DIY FarmHouse Coat Rack

Happy Friday Friends!! I planned on getting this up on the blog much earlier this week, but as many of you mamas know, life with littles is more like hoping you can get certain things done and rushing to do them when you can.  I just hang on by the seat of my pants and hope that I manage to get everyone fed, bathed, and into bed at night… you know, the essentials. 🙂 So thanks for hanging in there with me. I appreciate you all more than you know.

A month ago I created this coat rack for a client who needed something simple for her entryway, and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. Story of my life. So I knew just the thing. This coat rack was perfect, total cost being $35.00. You can create this to be any size you desire, and have as many hooks as you want, with a large amount of color possiblities. It’s a perfect customizable coat rack, and when better to tackle a project like this than a Saturday when the hubby is off and oh so willing to help you. Mine is ALWAYS more thank willing.. or maybe I pretend like he is. The truth is he thinks I am nuts but loves me so much he submits to my crazy. Im lucky in that way.


Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 Plank- You can use any kind of wood. I used a weathered cedar plank.
  • Hooks- As many as you will want. I used 6. I purchased mine from They sent me the set of “farmhouse hooks” for $30.00. you could also find this style of hooks at Home Depot, or I have also seen them at Habitat for Humanity Stores. That would be a better option for those of you who are looking to do this project quickly.
  • Stain- I used Dark Walnut from Vurathane, its one of my favorites.
  • Drill



Step One:

Cut, Sand, and stain your wood. I cut mine at 52 inches so it would fit the space just right. I sanded the wood so I could run my hand across without getting splinters, but didn’t smooth it too much because I wanted a somewhat rustic look.



Step Two:

Measure to the center of your board vertically so you can draw a straight line, keeping all of your hooks even. Each piece of wood is different so measure yours on your own. Once you have found the center mark the spot, then try and measure that same spot on both ends of the board and the center. Connect all with a pencil drawn line using a yard stick, dowel, another piece of wood, or anything that is the length of your coat rack.


Step Three:

Now Measure each of your hooks evenly. I measured each hook about 6 inch apart and drew inside the hooks’ screw holes, so I could move it back to the right spot if it moved on me. A little hint: Each of my hooks were created different so the screw holes were located in different spots. So once you place your hooks try to keep them in the same location, especially if you need to pre drill holes. Mine came with screws that were the perfect depth so I didn’t pre drill, I just drilled my screws straight into the wood.


Step Four:

You are finished with the design!! Now its time to hang this beauty. I pre drill two holes on each end and using a stud finding, was able to screw the rack into the wall. Most of you won’t be able to find two studs perfectly located, so use some kind of anchor to secure it well.


Happy DIYing Friends!!


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