DIY Magnolia Wreath for $10

So I have been itching for a new Magnolia Wreath for a while now. Back in November I ordered leaves from our local wholesale flower mart for garland I made during Thanksgiving.  I got them for a steal of a deal and was so proud of myself…. only to have my sweet husband remind me we live on Magnolia Street and our street is covered in them. (Insert monkey covering eyes emoticon). His sweet reminder brought all sorts of ideas to my mind. I knew I could DIY one of those bad boys for only a fraction of the price. After reading up on perserving leaves, I have found that I need gylicern and its a lot harder to come by it than you think.

So when I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back and saw that they had branches (that look very real by the way) for $17.99. If you know Hobby Lobby, you know that they have their half off sales all the time. If you wait, odds are the item you want will go on sale at some point. If not, download their app and you can purchase any item for 40% off. So I purchased one branch for this project and even had a couple leaves left over at the end. I paid $9 for the branch. I also bought my grapevine wreath at Hobby Lobby for half off. It was only $1.50.

Magnolia Leaves from Hobby Lobby 


Grapevine Wreath from Hobby Lobby 

Materials you will need:

1 Stem Magnolia Leaves from Hobby Lobby

1 Grapevine wreath- sized of your choice

Hot Glue

Hot Glue Gun


Step One:

De-Stem the magnolia leaves. This step is super easy. You just pull them out.

Step Two:

Stick your leaves into the grapevine wreath one by one and stagger them in a diagonal pattern so you don’t have any two leaves right next to each other. Make sure your leaves are all going in the same direction (I think this is obvious, but hey, just in case.)

Note: I stuck my leaves into the Grapevine prior to adding glue to check spacing because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough leaves, would put them too close together, or not close enough. You can skip this step if you are confident enough in yourself.

Step Three:

Remove your leaves one by one adding hot glue to the end and adding them to your grapevine wreath. You can add glue to the back of the leaves as well if it doesn’t seem secure enough.

My plan is to preserve some leaves soon so I can make some wreaths out of those gorgeous trees surrounding my home.. but for now I am pretty happy with this little $10 wreath of mine. 🙂

Happy DIYing Friends.


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2 thoughts on “DIY Magnolia Wreath for $10

  1. That looks so pretty and so easy!! I will definitely be making one!
    BTW – you might want to try a darker font. It is really hard to see. (Especially for us old ladies!) Thanks!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it!! I can’t wait to see your finished product. And thanks for the feedback. I will definitely make it darker!:)

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