DIY “Tree Farm” Sign

Our Christmas decor is up and I am all about it. I know, I know, we are super early, but how else am I supposed to get all this good DIY information over to you all in time? 😉

As I decorated this year I added a couple new trees, I think we have 6 total in our 900 Sq foot house. *Insert Gasp here*

I just love trees and bringing the outdoors indoor. I went with a bit of a woodland, tree farm, lumberjack vibe this year and let me tell ya, I love it!!

I wanted a Large sign for our mantel but our budget wasn’t having it. So as always, I don’t let that stop me. I knew I had some extra wood in the garage and could easily “DIY” my own.

Its not perfect, and I think I will frame it in when I have some time, but for now I love the character its bringing to our little woodland home this Christmas.

To create this sign you’ll need the following:

  • A piece of wood (you can use any kind of plywood and have the lovely gentleman at the Home Depot cut it for you at any size you want the sign)
  • Projector (or use the Computer method for smaller signs)
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper (for rustic look)

Step One: 

Download any photo from google or the same printable I used from the Little Glass Jar Blog 


Step Two:

Paint Background of board Solid white.

Step Three:

Using the same method I used on my kids bedroom wall, project the image onto the sign.

*PS This projector is only $45 on Amazon right now. I use mine ALL the time and its so worth having. And we do backyard movie nights during summer with it, so it definitely gets its use.  Buy it with the HDMI iPhone connector and you can literally project the image from your phone making it even easier. 

Step Four: 

Trace Image and then paint image onto Board

Step Five:

Sand down Board to get more rustic look. This also helps us perfectionist not go crazy over the small imperfections.

And there you go.. You have your very own DIY sign to enjoy.

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