DIY {Vintage} Chalkboard

Hello There fellow DIY Lovers. This weekend was full of fun, relaxation, and time with my sweet family. What more could I ask for? I hope that each of you found some time to relax and enjoy the people you love. Mondays always seem to be that dreaded day of the week. I guess they are dreaded because we know we have a LONG week ahead, or its back to reality. Sometimes the best way to cure my Monday Blues is tackling a project. I know many of you work full time, but maybe this is the perfect, sit by the TV, take in all that Bachelor goodness, and tackle a fun DIY project –after work kind of activity. Projects motivate me, inspire me, and excite me. So if you’re CRAZY like me… this one is for you!!! It is simple, fun, and you can use it for almost any occasion and season in your home.


Here is What You’ll Need:

  • Old mirror or framed picture
  • Paint- I used a sample of Behr “Swiss Coffee” in Flat, but you could use any color of paint you have on hand.
  • Chalkboard paint- You can find this at Home Depot or any craft store like Michaels, or Hobby Lobby

Step One:

Find a unique frame or mirror the size and shape of the board you desire. I snag these every time I see them because I love how much character they have!!!

Step Two:

Wipe any debris from the frame so you have a clean surface to paint

(I bought this one for $4 on sale at a local thrift store)


Step Three:

Tape off any edges or sides of the glass you don’t want paint to get on

Step: Four:

Using a sponge brush, paint the outside edge of the frame. I try not to paint everything because I love the rustic look it gives the frame when you seem glimpses of the old color showing through. Most of the frames I have found are gold, so I love the vintage look it gives when showing through.


{Sorry this photo is so dark.. I told you, this was my sit by the TV, bachelor, project, mommy time after the littles went down}

Step Five:

After the frame is dry, remove the tape and paint one coat of the chalkboard paint. I bought my chalkboard paint from Hobby Lobby, and it didn’t seem to stick to glass very well. It dissolved every time I coated the glass. Since I didn’t have any more on hand, I took a paper towel, wiped the glass coating the glass in a residue from the chalkboard paint, and let it dry. After that first layered dried, I was able to paint each coat and it seemed to stick a lot better. I haven’t had this problem with chalkboard paint I purchased from Home Depot… but if you do, this method worked just fine.


Step Six:

Make sure you do a couple if coats to give it that thick, chalkboard look.

Step Seven:DSC_0732

Step back and enjoy your beautiful creation!!!

Happy DIYing


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