E Design

How This Works:

I know what its like to have a  space that you just can’t figure out, or a projects that is almost finished but you’ve got that one thing that just doesn’t look right.

“If only I could figure out what color walls would look best with my decor without spending a fortune on 5 sample colors first”.

“What pillows and patterns would look best with my new couch”

“How the heck do I decorate this Mantel? It is so awkward and small”

I want to help! Sometimes we just need someone else to help us figure out the best way to utilize our space, or help us make that pillow decision. Hiring an “Interior Designer” sounds intimating or fancy. “Thats not for my lifestyle.. I could never afford that”. Well this is the next best thing.

Your Personal Home Stylist at your finger tips. For $20 you will receive a detailed description of tips, pointers, and professional opinions of how to best utilize your space and make it scream YOU. You will receive a style board with products and links to purchase all within the budget you have listed.

Alright LETS GET STARTED shall we?

Send me up to 10 photo of your problem space. 

(This link will take you to a dropbox option where you can upload your photos)

I will respond within 48 hours with your style tips, answer questions you have, and help you solve that problem space. You will also receive your Style Board with links to products and items that fit your budget. (And don’t worry I can work with any budget)

Easy enough Right.. and the last step!!!