I AM Uniquely Taylor Made

For years now, I have struggled with finding my purpose. Any of you ever felt that before? I am good at a lot of things… but what is unique about me? What can I do that others can’t? The struggle has brought me to my knees where I have literally cried to my husband, “what is my purpose?” I enjoy teaching, crafting, decorating, doing hair, gardening, playing with my boys, and have even recently taken a new love for cooking. But there are people who enjoy doing many, if not all of those things. I have often struggled with thinking I have too many hobbies. Why do I not just have one thing that I love and am really good at? As I have struggled through these questions, I have recently come to a place where I realize that God gave me each of those passions for a reason. It is not an accident that I love to do it all, or that I often feel like I have my hand in too many pots. He had a purpose in it all. “He created me in my mothers womb” and he knows all that I am. In fact, he knows me better than I know myself. He knows what gets me excited, or what inspires me, motivates me and encourages me. He knows my fears, what makes me sad, what discourages me, or holds me back. But most importantly, he knows the plans HE has for me. As I look back at the list of things I feel that I am just okay at, I see one word…. Creativity. I am GREAT at that. He made me uniquely creative. It’s not that I have some skill that others don’t, but that he created each of us unlike any other. I AM Taylor Made. Taylor



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