In with the OLD out with the NEW

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL! It rained last week!! Holy shmoly Ive never been more excited! I can’t remember the last time it rained and boy did I enjoy it. I didn’t have to pretend Fall anymore.. I think all of my pumpkin spice drinking convinced the weather to hurry along. Then it jumped back up the 90’s this week, and I even got a sunburn yesterday. Come on September! Get with it.


The heat has made it especially hard to work. Ive been super busy preparing orders for my sale on Brickyard Buffalo!! Do you all follow them. They have THE BEST stuff. Seriously. I was so excited to see my shelves up on the site, but super nervous too. I mean, I like my shelves, I was just hoping others did too. I sold out by Wednesday! Lets just say I will be in my garage for the next week until they are all ready to go out.


As my fall decor continues to evolve..(I won’t be fully satisfied with it until the last day of fall by the way), I am laughing at myself as I look around the room and think most of my home comes from a thrift store, off the streets, someone else’s home, or goodwill. I am proud to say you would never know that looking at our home. In fact, I love the way each of our pieces tell its own unique story. I confess that most of the time I try and make my new stuff look old by chipping it up a little, and the old look new by up- cycling it. I think I have issues.

I love using items that are intended for one thing for another.


This Ladder was an old painting ladder. We have used it for a wedding, backyard potting storage, and now it makes the perfect fall blanket ladder.


This Window was found at a local thrift store. Now its used as mantel decor.


Use old buckets and bins to prop up other items and give your decor dimension. Or turn an old crate into a table. I found this fruit crate at the back of a grocery store a couple of years ago. I love it in all of its rusty glory.


Hang bins and baskets on walls. Why not.. there are no rules you know. Well there are some, but some of the best ideas come from breaking the “rules” every once in a while.


Rethink your items and think beyond the norm. You never know what you will come up with.

Happy Decorating.


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