Keeping My Fiddle Alive

First let me start this post with tell you all that I am the world’s worst gardener. Don’t stop reading yet. I try, I really do. I blame the dying plants on my gopher friend that returns once a year to feast on the roots of my (once) gorgeous plants. Most of you know how picky Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants can be, so when I say it is a miracle that my fiddle leaf fig is still alive… I mean MIRACLE!!!   With the amount of money I spent on this baby I decided I was going to treat it as so and nature and love on this thing to help it stay alive. I thought I could share a few things I’ve learned along the way, and who knows maybe you can turn your brown thumbs green too.

At the beginning of the year I was feeling pretty sick with our pregnancy and I had a hard time keeping our house clean. Surviving that time with two little guys was on the top of my priority. I remember thinking my house just felt blah, mostly because I hadn’t left the house for a month. I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and decided I needed something to bring life back into my house. Something that would make it feel a little more happy. Something I could stare at all day… I came across some fiddle leaf fig photos and decided it was exactly what I needed to bring a little joy back into our home.

Tip One: “Buy the Best and Only Cry Once”

I purchased my Fiddle from Orchard Supply Warehouse. It was $85.. which seems a little pricey for an indoor plant, but if there is one thing I have learned from my husband it’s “Buy the best and only cry once”…. In some cases, I am the cheapest, most thrifty person you’ll ever meet, but when it comes to certain things, sometime buying the best the first time is better than the item not working ( or the plant dying on ya the first week ya have it). I have a couple of friends who have purchased their fiddles for great prices – Sometimes as low as $30, but their plants haven’t  lasted. Do your research. Find out what people are saying about the plants they bought from different places and nurseries. This will be a good indicator if you should purchase your plant from those stores.

Tip Two: Find a good home for your plant…and remember they like small homes (Their home, that is).

These babies are picky. They like sun light, but not direct sunlight. They don’t like drafts so keep them away from doors and open windows. Purchase a small pot and slowly upgrade the pot to a larger size as it grows. The roots like to be compact, so if there is too much room the plant won’t do as well.

Tip Three: Water Once a Week 

I have Fiddle Leaf Fridays over here so I don’t forget. Its the one day in the week I fill one mason jar and evenly pour it on my plant. Your fiddle wants to be damp, not dry, but not soaked. This activity has been fun for my boys too. They love taking turns watering the plant and get so excited when they see new leaves poking out.

Tip Four: Rotate Your Plant Once a Day

Your plant will start to grow towards the sun. I have not rotated my plant and it leans heavily to the side of the windows. Sad face.

Tip Five: Name Your Plant

Okay. This might not help your plant grow any differently, but “Fin” the Fiddle Leaf Fig is like a member of our family now. I get to love, nurture and watch it grow. And I just love it.

Happy Planting.

If you have any questions or comments about this post or any of my other posts I would love to hear from you!

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