My FarmHouse Wish List


Hi Ya’ll!!

I feel like I can say that since this post is all about my love for farmhouse and vintage anything and everything. I like to pretend my little home in the middle of Orange County -and on one of the busiest streets in town- is actually a farmhouse. For now that is more of a dream than reality, but  I am okay with that because I LOVE MY HOME.


(Not my house- I WISH!!!)

I am so grateful for the home I live in and even more grateful for the people I share my beautiful life with.


I had an opportunity to walk the Orange Circle with my Mother in Law and my boys the other day. If you aren’t familiar with the Orange Circle, it is in Old Town Orange where the circle is lined with some of the best antique stores I know. The street is full of old homes with charm and character that date back to the early 1900’s. I love walking around and thinking of the history of each place and the families that have grown there. It is a great place to go thrifting and it’s the closest place to get Anne Sloan paint.. so it’s a win win for me.


Country Roads is my favorite of the stores, and as I was walking through, I realized my wish list was bigger than I thought. Most of the items on my list have been added because of all the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram. There are so many talented ladies, all of which inspired me daily. I think my husband and bank wish I didn’t.

Tobacco Basket

6_Tobacco Basket Final_640

Olive Bucket


Dough Bowl



Balance Scale

Perpentual Calendar


For now. I will cherish all that I have and love. But if I ever adopted one of these fine items into my home, I would love them the same.

Happy Inspiration Friends. Hope Ya’ll have a great week.


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