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Weekends like this last are always so much fun, but I start my week off in a fog because I am so exhausted from the festivities. I don’t know about you.. but that was me today. To add to the grogginess, it was 85 and windy here today in Orange County, and I was not ready for summer weather yet. We have the air on, I made myself some sweet tea, I am blasting country, trying to convince myself I should clean instead of make my way to the beach. Luckily sweet tea and country make almost anything fun so I managed.


Last Thursday my husband left for school at the crack of dawn like he normally does, and I laid in bed thinking of all I could do while he was gone that day. Don’t get me wrong. I would much rather have the hubs home every day, every second, but I know when he is gone, I can do my BIG projects without getting that, “You’re crazy” look. I know I am crazy so it makes that look so much worse.

Since he is gone all day, my very sweet Mother in Law has made a point to come over, take the boys, and let me get a little mommy time. Most days I spend that going to Target or the market alone. I mean once you have kids, you dream about going to Target distraction free. My husband and I have literally taken date nights there. When I say it out loud I Judge myself.


Back to the point, she came over this week and I decided instead of going out to do things, I would use her help during nap time to “Shop my House”. I have briefly mentioned this madness in a post before, but “shopping your house” is when you move everything around and give your home a whole new look. The best part is, you can do this at no cost at all, and in any size home.


Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. I called someone to help me. I have tried moving everything on my own before.. and whelp, I can’t get near as much done, I am grumpy when its all said and done, and I almost always break something. It also helps to get advice. I have some crazy ideas so I love that I can bounce ideas with someone before moving everything and then having to move it back after. I am lucky to have a Mother in Law who loves to help, and loves to move things around as well. Double plus. She is the best. But if you don’t have family members call a friend and offer to help them return the favor. It is worth the help!!
  2. Take down all décor, even wall décor if you are brave and remember you will have to have the patience to fill holes and hang new things. Odds are, you may need to with the change in furniture. I most certainly did.
  3. Move big furniture Around. This is what will give your home that “New look” you will want. It is so refreshing to move things and try new ways. It made me love some of my furniture again.
  4. Work one room at a time. I have been called a pinball because I start bouncing from thing to thing. Hey I am excited. I can’t help it. But it really is important to focus on one room at a time, unless you are inter changing pieces of furniture.
  5. After moving furniture to new spaces, put all your décor in new places. I am often tempted to move my furniture and then put things back up the way they were, especially if I REALLY like it, but giving the furniture new décor on or around it really refreshes and rejuvenates the things you already have.

Here is what I did.

First I moved my hutch that used to be on one of our main walls to a corner. This was my mother in laws idea. It was brilliant and I never would have thought of it. The piece is very bulky so I have always kept it on a large wall, but I love it, and it is less in the way now than it was before.


I then moved my Black Buffet Table to the wall that use to have the Hutch. This opened up the room tremendously. I had been dreaming about that wall having some open space on top… yay.


My least favorite thing was my gray table that sat under my large window. It made things crowded and I was ready to toss it onto the street. We decided to try it where the Buffet table use to be and place the chalkboard back on top. I love it because it is no longer a main piece and hides in back which is what it needed.


Room Complete.

Next we moved to my living area, which is really connected to my dining room, so it needed to be done as well. I have been struggling with my couch being too close together, but I can’t afford a new couch and my living room is small. That is that. So I got the idea to move the sectional apart and keep just one single piece there and move a chair into the corner to bring the room in. That means my garage got more furniture, but that is what it is there for right? I also moved my rug horizontally. Before I had it vertically because the couches were so crowded and there was only a small area needing a rug.


All said and done, I am so happy with the changes. I accessorized and felt like I had just gone on a shopping spree… but I didn’t, so I knew that would make my husband super happy. I was still worried about the reveal of it all so I decided to defend myself with humor. You can’t be mad at someone when you are laughing at them.


He loved the changes, especially the openness it brought to our living room. Although our kids now think they need to bring out their toys more because of the open space. More clean up.. but I think they like the new space too which makes this momma happy.


Im still in the process of moving everything around and making it feel right again. Give your changes a few days to adjust to. At first it’s a shock, even for someone like me who loves change. Good Luck!!!

Now its your turn. Shop your home.


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