Spring into Spring

Spring Spring Spring… my favorite time of year. I love so much of Spring, the crisp air, refreshing rain, lovely flowers, and the lush greenery around my house.. ugh its all so good. It takes everything in me to keep from taking all my spring stuff out of the boxes early. Well the waiting is OVER!! You probably think I’m nuts for getting this excited about décor, but it is so much more than stuff on my walls and shelves. It’s revitalizing, refreshing, and uplifting. I love the change that each season brings and the altered personality that it conveys in our home.


In addition to the new life that it brings, the change of decor gives me motivation to keep things clean and organized and who doesn’t need that kind of motivation?


Okay so if I have convinced you that you should add some Spring love into your home, than here are some perfect but cheap ways to do just that.


Hold onto your seats.. these are good!

Add some Terra Cotta pots and garden tools to your mantels and shelves.



A fun way to add a little character to your terra cotta plants is white washing them. I purchased Varathane Antique White and gave my pots a quick little coat and wha- la my pots look like they are 50 years old. You can find pots like these and garden tools from Home Goods, Michaels, and thrift stores- People-always check your thrift stores!!!


Fake plants say the most! You can never have too many plants. Well maybe you can… maybe I do. But it brings so much life to my home. Some of my all time favorite places to purchase plants are: Ikea, Homegoods, and Target.


You can also create your own greenery- This is one of my favorite blogs “Momtique” she has a great tutorial on DIY toplaries. Aren’t they the cutest?!


Prints are the easiest way to add the spring love. I have mentioned this before.. but there are FREE prints on pinterest just waiting for you to download and print them!!! FREEEEEE…. Here are some that I downloaded for my home.


And once again- Use those chalkboards ladies!!! This doesn’t cost you anything!


& Fresh Flowers. These will do wonders to your home. I am constantly changing out my flowers. Trader Joes, 99 cent store. This is probably where I spend the most money. I just cant help it.


Well.. what are you waiting for?? Get out there and change those homes!!


Happy Decoring !!!


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