Summer Farmhouse Faux Plants

Summer is upon us. I don’t know about you but I’m still in January. Where has time gone this year? I always look forward to summer and then look forward to it leaving mid July. I can’t handle the 90 degree weather with only a couple small wall unit air conditioners to cool the place down. But when it comes to Summer plants, well… Ive got a few that are going to knock your flip flops off.

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Lemon Branch

This Pop of color is perfect for your summer home, and looking at them makes you want to sip some fresh lemonade or sweet Iced Tea on the back porch. There is no hiding how much I love lemon branches. In fact, I broke a whole lotta decor rules and added them to my mantel post Christmas. My mind was dreaming of summer in those cold winter California days 😉

Mini Olive Branch Trees

This subtle tree is the perfect mixture of greenery with its light tones on the bottom of the leaf and bright green on the top. And these sweet little vases are a hint of modern meets farmhouse.

Mexican Grass

One word. Okay, two… Bright Green. Although I tend to use my bright greens for Spring, I think anything bright screams summer time. This bold plant would look great as a coffee table center piece, perfectly combo’d with a Country Living Magazine, a bright yellow candle, and a chippy corbel bookend.


These green beauties represent a little more of the Bohemian, Aztec, or Midcentury Modern Farmhouse. I have a thing for succulents so this is kinda a no brainer for me. These are perfect for floating shelves, kitchen accents, bookshelves, or bathroom decor. Real ones are hard to kill, the fake ones are impossible to kill.


I think herbs are good year round. Some might only use them for spring, but I love them in kitchens. You can hang these cuties on a wall, accessorize those floating shelves, or put on the widow seal. You know looking at these would make dishes a lot more fun. And look at those little plant stakes and burlap sacks… I drool.

Simple Boxwood Topiaries

These concrete potted topiaries have a bit of a modern feel as well, but would be perfect for a mantel. I can picture them now framing a mantle with a large chippy farmhouse window in between.

Farmhouse Olive Tree Topiary

And then there is this beauty. I love the long simple stem and the sweet little soft toned leaves. This is for the traditional farmhouse in all its goodness. And look how real it looks. Yah I want one. Excuse me while I hop over and purchase this bad boy before all of you buy them up 😉

Happy almost Summer Friends.



*Disclaimer: I make a small commission of some items in the affiliate links above. 

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