Summer Home Tour- A Canadian Home

Hello friends! I hope you are all ready and set for the fourth of July weekend?! Its one of my favorite holidays and this year we are camping the weekend leading up so I am already anticipating how tired I will be on Tuesday. Regardless, I am so excited to spend some time camping with my boys and our church family.

I don’t know about you, but these Summer Home Tours and inspirational ladies are making me want to change a couple of things in my own home. My hubs is ready to disown me for changing everything so much, so I think I will give it a few weeks before I start making my plans.

I chose to share these ladies and their homes because I love how unique they are. They are from different backgrounds, places, cultures, and lifestyles… and their homes are a perfect reflection of how they have poured themselves into the homes they live. They are each beautiful in their own way and I am so inspired by the hard work and love they put into their homes. One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging last year was wanting others to know that you don’t have to money to make your house beautiful. You don’t have to have experience in design, or work in the design industry to have a home you love waking up to.. you just have to pour who you are into the home you live. These ladies are a perfect example of just that.

This next lovely home belongs to my lovely friend Lana. Lana and her husband of five years live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I know Lana and I would just be bff’s. We have a shared loved for finding old furniture and second hand pieces and giving them a new chance at life in our homes. I wish she lived closer so we could do some thrift store shopping together. She has the perfect mixture of old with new. Her home is neutral heaven with its rustic farmhouse atmosphere.


Almost all my furniture is second hand; things that I have restored. I love to give old pieces new life! I also never spend  a lot of money on my home décor. I
believe that you can find used items that have just as much charm as new,
not to mention they are way more economical. I also love finding things
that might not ordinarily be considered décor, for instance, our old fence
that I now have in my living room. When I do shop, I shop at Homesense
and a salvage store that searches estate sales.



This is a table that used to belong to my mother in law.  I originally
painted it, but recently restored for more of a farmhouse look. The
antique church frames I purchase from my cousin.



The hutch was also given to me by my mother in law. It used to be in her sister’s house and they
were about to throw it away. I painted it with chalk paint. All the books
are in the hutch are second hand, as well as the little farmhouse chair,
which I found on craigslist and paid $10 for. My dad has collected antlers
for me from different parts of the world. They are very special to me.


I have rustic furniture outside as well. We live on what was once an
orchard so we have two fruit trees, a peach tree, a grapevine and a plum
tree. I made this peach, nectarine cocktail inspired by the fruit trees
We love sitting in our backyard with friends every weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and joining us again for the Summer Home Tour. You can find Lana and her neutral farmhouse nest on instagram @miller_cottage  Stay tuned next Tuesday for my our next stop.

Happy happy fourth!!!



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