Summer Home Tour- Lemons, Magnolias, & Using Our Inner Gifts

Welcome to our Summer Home Friends. I am so excited for summer this year. It is the first year in a while that we have vacations on the calendar and my boys are finally old enough to travel a little and really enjoy all that summer has to offer.

You all know I love to change our home along with each season. It may seem a little crazy, or insane that things are always changing (my husband agrees with you by the way ūüėČ ), but I think it’s because I get to use my home as my creative outlet. God made me creative and when I create, something inside my soul is fed. If I am having a bad day, a good DIY turns it all around.

(Lemons , Farm Sweet Farm Sign, Deer Head Silhouette , Magnolia Wreath )

As a wife, mom, and Pastor, I can often feel like I am pouring out all I have inside me. I think God makes each of us unique and gives us passions and desires in our life. In those activities or hobbies, we are able to partake in something that God has designed our minds and hearts to do… and we get to “recreate” life within ourselves. And when my bucket is full, it is so much easier to pour myself back out in ministry or in my home. ¬†I love that HE created me to enjoy the passions he has given me.. their is so much life in it. I am not sure what you’re “go to” is, but if you’re not sure, I highly encourage you to find out what it might be and use it. There is nothing like using the gifts that God has made you to enjoy.

*Rant over*

( Large Clock )

This year I decided to make some subtle changes for Summer. & I think I kinda love them.

When I think of summer, I think of lemonade, and the beach, and bright bright bright. So naturally I added some lemons branches back to our home.

We live on Magnolia Street and you guessed it, our street is covered in Magnolia Trees. With the flowers in full bloom lately, I knew I wanted to add some to our home for Summer. I had been on the hunt for some faux ones and found them at Walmart for $4.00! Steal! Oh and have you seen my DIY Magnolia Wreath? Yah I made it for $10!!!

I added touches of Yellow, and some beachy vibes with blue tones and nautical like patterns.
I almost feel like it ended up a little coastal farmhouse this year which is fitting since we live a whole 7 miles from the beach.

(Light Fixture , Chairs, Scale, Large Basket Tray)

I love using items I already have or things I can find. I went on a little walk around the church and found this lattice in the back . I will have to return in once I am finished loving on it, but I love bringing pieces from our church home and embracing life in the parsonage. It is a true blessing to call this place home. And look at this beauty in all its chippy goodness. {Insert Heart eyes}

(Paisley Pillows)

Bright greenery seemed to add the final touch of our summer home and now I feel ready to hit the beach, ride our bikes, sip lemonade and bbq all summer long. ¬†Check out some of my favorite Summer Greens Here¬†…What are you big plans this summer?

Happy Summer Friends.

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