The Best Sofa Ever

I never imagined that a piece of furniture would hold such sentimental value or have the capability of making me cry in the thought of letting it go. It may seem silly, but along with the material value the item may have comes the memories, and life that happened around that piece of furniture. My husband and I bought our sofa 5 years ago, the day we moved into our very first apartment. It was the very first piece of furniture we purchased together as a couple, it was the place we sat after those long first days of married life and full time jobs, the place our first little puppy child slept on while we were gone at work all day, it’s the place our guests slept when they visited, where we sat and cried when my husband left for boot camp, where our first born cuddled, cried on, and played on. It’s the sofa our second child pushed the limits of mommies heart while jumping from one to the other. But Most of all, it’s the place we did life around. Oh if the sofa could talk. Wait, I think it’s the walls…. But you get my point.
We squeezed that couch into our 3 different apartments, storage unit, and now parsonage. Our parsonage has been the one and only place that it seemed to over crowd a little too much. It was like a game of Tetris trying to fit it in each of our places, but the parsonage has a small living room and only one or two of the pieces could fit without literally covering the front door. After a year of living in our parsonage, and the garage continuously being over crowded, we decided it was finally time to let the couch go. We have tried making it work for so long and I think we were both ready to bite the bullet, sell the couch we loved, and replace it with a kid, and small place friendly sofa.
After selling our sofa, we spent days researching and reading blogs and reviews, and asking others who had purchased couches with littles. Ultimately most people said the Ektorp from Ikea was the best option for what we were looking for. And most said to get white?!!! I know sounds crazy right.. but you can bleach white. And this Mama needs to be able to deep clean items. If you have ever met my youngest son.. you know why.  If you are looking for a cheap and kid friendly couch this one is the best. We have had our sofa for a few weeks now and I wouldn’t do it any differently!
Check out these reviews from other bloggers who love their Ektorp too!!!
The best part of these couches is you can take off each cover and wash it individually. And if my little ketchup, crayon, and berry lovin guy gets his sweet hands on my sofa and damages it permanently, I can always purchase new slip covers every couple of years. It’s practical, cute, and so so comfy.
And always check the “As Is” section usually located before check out at Ikea because we found the one we wanted for $150 less than usual because it was a floor model.. but in perfect condition. SCORE!!!
Happy Decorating!!!

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