Unique Christmas Ornaments

Good Morning and happy happy Monday!! I think this is a happy Monday because we are only 4 days out from Christmas. That is either stressful or exciting for you. I am a little of both. As you know I have been working hard at those DIY gifts and I am almost finished. I wish I could share them all with you, but I know my family and friends read this and I would hate to spoil ALL of their gifts. Maybe I will share some of them after the holidays so you can start planning for next year 😉 I know we only have a few days left, but if you have little ones who are out for Christmas week, need a craft day, or just find yourself not in the Christmas Spirit yet… I have the perfect remedy for you all.


DIY Felt ornaments. You can also turn them into bunting. They are cute, easy, and cheap to make.

I purchased the felt from Michaels, but I know they have some fun colors and cheap prices at Hobby Lobby also. I bought the large sheet of them because I made quite a few for my tree, and I used them to decorate our stage at church. This is what you’ll need:

-2 different colors of felt sheets (depending on how large you want them and how many, you will purchase accordingly)

-Fabric Paint (Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint is what I used)


-Elmers Craft Bond Adhesive Spray

-Stencil if you’re not in the mood to hand write

-2 different cups or something round to use to trace 2 sizes of circles


First you’ll decide what color you want on top and what color you’ll want to mat it on. Take a pen or sharpie and trace the cup onto the felt. Then choose your mat color and use the larger cup to trace that. Cut the traced line. Now you should have two different sized circles on two different colors. Cut your jute at the size you want your ornament to hang.


Spray one side of the smaller circle, making sure you get the entire piece, place the jute on the circle creating a half circle on the felt with the jute like this:


Then quickly place the small circle on top of the larger circle. If you didn’t center it correctly, the adhesive usually doesn’t bond right away, allowing you to peel it off and center it again if necessary. Now you should have ornaments without words and paint yet.


This is where the kids, or the stencils can come in. Paint the word, symbol or design you want on your ornament. Easy Peasy.

DSC_0249 DSC_0257

My boys loved painting their own ornaments! Of course I have the one OCD perfectionist who at 2 already keeps the paint on his ornament and has me switch out the paper towel if even a drop gets on it, and then I have my wild child who paints himself, my table, and anything else in his reach. What kind of artists do you have?

PicMonkey Collage

Happy DIYing!!!


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