Unique Planters that YOU can afford

Friends. I have been MIA. And I am so sorry. Hopefully this post will make up for all my blog neglect.


 I wanted to share one of my all- time favorite on- the- whim projects. Last year when we first moved into our home, I wanted a backyard that I would WANT to be in, that my kids would WANT to play in, and that would be a sort of sanctuary for us at the end of a long day. We have little to no shade- still a problem I am working on, and at the time we had little grass as well. After a few diligent months of watering (all under drought restrictions, which I obeyed of course) we have a yard with grass, and even some plants despite my brown thumb. I have a Joanna heart, (don’t we all), but a Taylor budget, and gophers who like to eat what little I HAVE managed to keep alive. After debating these problems over and over, I have finally found a solution that makes me feel like I am made for the Farm life. Okay, maybe it’s not that intense or wonderful, but it makes my city home feel a little closer to that of which my heart desires.


I had this little palette lying around. Come on.. I know you have collected these too. I had the plater box from an apartment we had. If you don’t have one lying around you can buy these for close to $10 at Home Depot, or you can shop at the dollar store. They have little green ones you can paint white. Fill it with some succulents or plants and look, you can have your very own garden. I attached it by screwing it into the wood. Seriously Not complicated AT ALL.


I found this old crate at a garage sale. I have a couple I already use in my house and since this one was painted I thought it could be fun outside. I fill it with my favorite herbs and some strawberries so my kids can learn how to water, nurture, and see their little plants grow into something that can eat. So much fun and the herbs are only $4 at home depot. The dollar store also sells herbs like Mint and Thyme so check those stores too!!



And these little pots that everyone is raving about. $5 at Target- Five Dollars YO!! You cannot beat that. I filled mine with some rosemary and Basil. So cute and so cheap. So if you are like me and have little to no budget – this project is perfect!!


So get out there and channel your inner Joanna.

2 thoughts on “Unique Planters that YOU can afford

  1. I LOVE the palette idea and ohhh where did you find those awesome string of lights? I just found you via IG and will definitely be following you☺

    1. I got them from Target!! it was a while ago but we love them because they are solar. And you are so sweet! Thank you so much! I am so glad you are here!!

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