Uniquely Decorating with Kids

Hello  Friends. I know a lot of you have kids, and probably have the same question I have asked myself over and over…. How do I decorate my space beautifully and have kids at the same time? Believe me, there are moments when I still find it near impossible to do both. But it isn’t! It is definitely possible to do both, but leave room for those days when your living room may look like Toys R Us threw up on your couch.



Here are some things I am learning.

Decorate high. Lots of my “important” décor, or items I don’t want being broken are up high. This may seem obvious, but I have made the mistake of putting some items down low and paid the price through missing, broken, and even colored on items. Get creative. Open shelves are all the rage right now. You can decorate, design, and create a beautiful home up high. Another option is hanging baskets. I love hanging baskets and decorating in and around them.



Decorate the lower shelves and tables with non- breakable, or insignificant items. I have lots of pillows, candlesticks, bowls, baskets, and even some books (that I don’t mind the occasional coloring on) down low. The idea here is that I don’t get upset when these items are played with. In fact, some of my bowls are the boy’s most favorite items to play with. Every time I redecorate they like to explore and find new items they haven’t played with yet. I want them to explore and discover new things, so I am completely fine with having to search for my candles and pillows in their playroom.



Occasionally I get brave and put an item or two I don’t want played with at their level. I try to remind them that those are not for playing and mommy would like them to find something else to play with. The idea here is teaching them that there are rules and we have to learn to obey and accept them. These items definitely get touched so I wouldn’t put my Great Grandmothers china on these shelves, but I love teaching my boys life lessons in everything we do. Even in my decorating. 😉


Designating one room to “play in” was the best thing we did when we moved in. Originally it was going to be an office, or a studio for me to do hair, or a nursery for any new additions, but after moving into our small home and seeing that my living room quickly became the toy dump and play room, we knew we needed a solution. If you don’t have an extra room lying around, designate an area in your living room, or bedroom, maybe one of the corners that you can put things at their level and that they see as “their space”. Don’t get me wrong, my living room is often filled with toys, lots of toys, I have just learned giving them their space allows them ownership of something and its by far their favorite room in the house, and almost ALWAYS A MESS. I have learned to let it go. Let it go.. let it go.


The biggest lessons I have learned, is letting my boys the freedom to play. Even through the beautiful pictures you see on feeds, there is the mess behind them, or they took the photo that one day that the whole house was cleaned while the kids were at grandmas. I am learning to love my space, even when it looks like a tornado has passed through. It means my boys are learning, growing, and discovering life. I love that.. and I would much rather have that then them feeling like I was constantly telling them NO or keep the mess in your room. I hope you give yourself a little grace today.

Happy Decorating!


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