Vintage Dresser Makeover

If you’re buds with me on Intragram, your know that I have been on the hunt for an old chippy dresser to replace my Ikea storage unit in my dining room.  It’s one of those pieces I have been waiting to get rid of but can’t seem to let go unless I have something to replace it with.

I am not usually the patient type. I am the find it, flip it quickly kinds of people. So when I couldn’t find a dresser I liked for a month now, I had almost given up….. when the dresser found me. 🙂

I found an amazing Head board on OfferUp for wait… $25. It is a 100 year old antique head board and I can’t wait to show you my plans for it. When I went to pick it up, the gentleman who sold me the piece asked if I had come for the dresser as well. Wait. Whaaaaattttt dresser? The dresser was apart of the same set and I was in love. The best part… $50! I couldn’t believe it.


When I brought it home I chalk painted it with wait for it.. white chalk paint. I think I have a problem. Someone take the white away.

I sanded about 20 layers off the top of the dresser. I have yet to finish the top because I want the natural look to keep. Wax seemed to turn it a reddish brown and I am not too fond of that tone. But I couldn’t wait to show you guys! (See told you.. I am not very patient)

Overall, I am so in love with the piece. I was a bit over the floating shelves as well, so I thought I would switch it up and add this old classroom green chalkboard.

You guys. I have such a thing for green chalkboards. Like I dream about these things. Seriously.

These little changes is just what I needed to blend my new living room decor. I hope to start sharing that with you next week..  So stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!!

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Dresser Makeover

  1. Wow! What a neat way to find that dresser. You did a wonderful job with it and I love every bit of this. Your style is simply beautiful, Taylor! 😍

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