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Friends.. I know I usually share all things decor. Today I wanted to share something else that is very close to my heart… my sister, and all things design. Although putting my house together is one of my favorite things to do, I love party planning and designing period.


My sister came up with the brilliant idea to host a party to reveal their big date. They are doing a semi-long engagement which for the activator in me and most of my family is like torture (anyone relate?) This little reveal party was the perfect way to cure those impatient blues.. and a wonderful way to set the tone for the next year. Yup. The date was revealed and they will be getting married April 1st of 2017. I cannot wait. They reveled it exactly one year to the day of the reveal.


We invited all of the close family, the (to be asked) bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and others that will be involved in the BIG day. This was a perfect opportunity to ask them all together, and show them all the hopes and plans that soon to be Mr. and Mrs. have planned for their special day.

DSC_0103After the bride and groom chose their wedding style: Vintage Chic, and chose their wedding party, wedding date, and colors, we made inspiration boards including some of their dreams. You can use to create these beautiful collages.



After choosing the colors, we stopped at Home Depot to look at paint swatches. Okay- this is a must for EVERY bride. Pick out the exact colors you dream, and grab 30 of them to hand out to family, wedding planners, bridesmaids and even your groomsmen. Then no one can get the color wrong- and when you need someone to pick up something last minute, they have the color they can use as a reference.

DSC_0106Then we shopped our discount fabric store finding material that fit their colors and style, and made some sweet garland to display the feel of their wedding.



We then tried to replicate their wedding day tables. We wanted the wedding party and family to be able to picture the day.


We started with centerpieces. We shopped hobby lobby for this amazing wood we turned into boxes- $4 boxes to be exact, burned their initials into the sides for the personal touch we will bring the day of the wedding.


We bought flowers from the local wholesale floral market and made our own. Okay people, I may love design.. but I am NO florist!!! At all. But hey, I don’t think these turned out half that bad. In fact, we were very proud of ourselves. We may just pass this job off to an actual florist when it comes down to it.. but for this event. They were perfect.



She asked her bridesmaids by putting little balloons into boxes that said “pop me”. When they are popped, a little piece of paper with a “Will you be my bridesmaid” comes out. Super sweet, super classy, and all the girls said YES!!!


For groomsmen, have your man buy each guy a beer with a clever little note attached like “she said I had to ask you in a cute way so, Will you be my groomsmen?” Or look up some other fun ways on Pinterest!! There are so fun ones.


My sister and almost brother in law are lucky to have family member who cater so we enjoyed a delicious meal of roasted vegetables, tri-tip, berry salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, pasta salad, and pomegranate lemonade. We all got to taste test together and decide what we all liked best.


Lastly we walked down to their wedding and reception site. They are also lucky to have family with huge yards and land so they will be married in a field and will enjoy a sweet backyard reception. And look at that view. It will be a beautiful day.




All together it was a perfect night to reveal their big day and all they have planned. I am so excited to work along side them and create all that they envision to make this day one they will always remember.






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