A Unique Palette Wall

Hello Friends! I am stoked to share this project with you all. A couple week ago a co-worker of my mom’s heard that I had started doing project for other houses and friends. I am CONSTANTLY changing the décor and furniture in my home, so my hubby is excited that I am starting to use my creative energy in other people’s spaces. Katie explained that she wanted a palette wall. Well first of all- I took the project in a heartbeat. I have smaller walls in my house, and lots of windows in our main living area or a palette wall would already be up in our house. I mean, have you seen all of the amazing designs and palette walls people have created? I want to try them all!!! After talking with her and having her send me an inspiration picture, which of course she had found from Pinterest, this is the beauty she sent me!


Anyone else in love? I was beyond excited to start this project. I love the way the palettes on this wall are disconnected and the personality is shown through the items the designer chose. I wanted to replicate this is Katie’s home as well. Here is the finished project for Katie’s home.



Want to create one for yourself? Here is how!

We started with buying the items, but if you have some wall décor around your house that you need a place for, or even some items that have made their way to the garage because you just couldn’t find a place for them, retrieve them. Okay, maybe I am the only one who buys items keeps them in my house for a few months and then changes them out. But if you have a small budget, I recommend Hobby Lobby for wall décor. You can find almost any style & for a good price. To create a wall with LOTS of personality and design that will make your friends ask for your help decorating, keep these small tips in mind. Find items that include texture, dimension (some smaller items and some larger items, all with different amounts of depth), pops of color, and personalized items, like the “K” that we used for our wall.


Then you need to purchase the wood. We went with cedar planks because they are cheap and light weight. I got mine at Home depot for $2.84 piece. We purchased 6 pieces. You will need to measure your wall, figure out how long and tall you would want the palette wall to be and purchase the amount you think you need. Next you will need to purchase 4 different kinds of stains, unless you already have a favorite weathered staining method. You should be able to buy the trial size and have plenty for the project. You’ll need:

Antique White

Weathered Gray

Dark Walnut



Next we took the wood home, and cut it into pieces. You will want to cut the dog ears off first. Then cut the rest. You want the wood to all be different sizes so I wouldn’t measure anything too precisely. Then give your wood a quick sand. Mix 4 different combinations of your stain in 4 cups. If you want a darker color mixture add more walnut, if you are looking for something a little lighter, add very little walnut. Again, do very little measuring so each of your stains end up different colors. I even stained some pieces of plank with half of one mixture and half of another to give it dimension and make it look like authentic weathered wood.


Now it’s time to hang!!! I used a nail gun to secure the planks to the wall, but a hammer and nail will work just fine if you have someone to help you hang the planks. I was alone so the nail gun was a life saver. Make sure you have a level to keep all your planks leveled. If you are a perfectionist, measure your wall, mark the area you want covered, and use your measuring tape to pre- lay out your planks on the floor in the length and height you want. Make sure you inner twine the different shades of planks for dimension. Since the planks are light weight, you can put a couple nails in each plank and they are secure. Start from left to right keeping a few inches between each piece. I eyed everything and didn’t worry too much about the gap between each one. I think the imperfection gives it a little rustic personalized touch.  Now you have a pretend palette wall!!! Its pretend because we didn’t actually use any palettes.. shhh.



Lets decorate! Keep in mind you want balance. So if you have a larger item in the left corner, use a larger item in the bottom right corner or top right corner… or use two small items close together. You can hang the items using nails or screws depending on the weight of the items. The most important thing is that you let the wall reflect who you are. Find pieces that represent you, your style, and what you love. Make it YOURS. I would love to see you Share your finished product with me. Happy Designing!!!!



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