Baby Girl Nursery (Mood Board)

Some of you may have caught my instagram stories last week about my nieces nursery. We have been working on her nursery for a couple of months now and I can hardly wait to show you all.

When I started envisioning a room the first thing I do is look for inspiration. Have you ever noticed that when you are on the hunt for something (a car, house, bike..) you start seeing it everywhere. My husband actually preached a sermon about this last week, but isn’t it sooo true!! So naturally I started seeing nursery inspiration everywhere!


When I begin thinking of design ideas, its like a rabbit hole and I begin having so many ideas that they all get lost in my brain somewhere. All of the sudden I am thinking about another project, or another style than the one I was originally thinking about. Okay maybe I am the only one with this problem? What were we talking about again? 😉

Since I realize I have too many ideas to keep in my brain I do a couple of things to keep my mind focused. One I write down my thoughts, and begin designing on paper. And two, once I see items I love I begin screen shooting or saving them for future reference.

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Then one of my favorite things to do is create a design board or mood board. This helps me get all of my design ideas on paper, and out of my brain. It also allows me to see my vision on paper which helps me see if my items collaborate well together. I use programs like or to  create these boards.

I start with one Large item or idea and I work around it. With my sisters nursery, we found the most beautiful Peel & Stick Wallpaper (which was perfect for her rented home), and we began designing around it.

I don’t want to give all of the goodies away, but here is the final inspiration board. Check back next week for the final reveal and links to all of our sources.

If you are interested in receiving a inspiration board created by Taylor for a project, or space in your home check this out!


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