DIY Stool Makeover

Every time I need a new piece for my home, I make my way to my favorite local Goodwill and search the furniture section. It’s the best place to find great furniture at a great price! Sometimes when perusing, I come across old pieces that practically jump in my cart. When I saw this little old chippy piano stool it was no different. I love old pieces because they have such character and each tells its own story. Although I love the look of old furniture, sometimes pieces need a little extra love before they feel like mine.

If you have seen my home, it’s no secret that I LOVE chalk painting. I knew this little stool would be the perfect addition to our bedroom. This DIY can be done on most stools/chairs that come with a padded seat. You can use the chalkpaint method on any kind of furniture. I give a list of all of my favorite chalk paints here.

Materials Needed:


Sandpaper (optional)


Scrap Material

Staple Gun


Step One: Remove seat. Most are held down with a screw or two. (Turn over the seat and see how it’s connected.)

Step Two: Chalkpaint wood. There are many chalk paint brands, but you can find basic chalkpaint at your local hardware store. I love chalkpaint because you can paint over any surface without priming or sanding prior. I usually paint 2-3 coats before I feel it’s evenly covered.

Step Three (optional): For an old chippy look, you can sand the piece down giving it an older look. This method is used in rustic or farmhouse style homes.

Step Four: Replace old material with new material for cushion. I used scrap material I had laying around, but you could purchase an old sheet or curtain from your local goodwill and cut it to size as well. After cutting down the size, use the staple gun to staple your first side down securing the material. For corners, scrunch and pull tight. This doesn’t have to be perfect, just turn the seat over to see if the corners are looking rounded, not pointy. As you staple each side, pull tight ensuring the material is not loose.

Step Five: Wax or Glaze your piece to finish and . You can purchase this at your local hardware store as well.

Step Six: Reattach your cushion to the wooden portion of the stool or seat.

Step Seven: Enjoy your new piece.

This quick DIY can make any piece look brand new, giving it life again. The story of the piece continues…..  Oh if the stool could talk.

Oh and PS….. I scored this amazing sweater blanket from Goodwill OC as well!!! #win

Happy DIYing!!!

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