Chalk Paint Chalk Paint Chalk Paint

Chalk paint chalk paint chalk paint. Maybe one of my favorite concoctions known to man. Five simple words, no sanding or priming needed.  Do I have your attention now? Literally any piece of furniture in your home can be repainted and made good as new.
This is one of my favorite ways to restore old furniture, and you would be amazed at how it can bring a piece back to life again. Take this old Hoosier for example. I found this wonderful piece on the side of the road in pieces. It held little to no charm (at least in pieces on the side of the road)… in fact I left it because I wasn’t sure what it was. After looking up more information, I found out that these pieces were only made from 1899- 1920 and were used as the ultimate homemaking cabinent for homes…. So this guy has seen a lot in its old age. Needless to say I went back.  It needed something. It needed chalkpaint. And look at it now?!
Annie Sloan- Pure White, finished with a  soft clear wax
One of my favorite brands of chalkpaint is Annie Sloan. If you know chalkpaint, odds are you know Annie Sloan. It’s like the gold of chalk paint. It works amazingly and the pieces I have painted have stayed in good condition ever since.
DSC_0500Annie Sloan -French Linen, finished with soft clear wax
The only down fall with Annie Sloan is the price. You definitely get what you pay for and with Annie Sloan you are getting amazing quality and it goes a long way- so most definitely worth it. But if you are on a tight budget and want to give this whole chalk paint thing a go, here are some other options.
Annie Sloan- Pure White, finished with a soft clear wax
Amazon sells a powder product that you can add to any paint color and it changes the original paint to chalk paint. We used this method to transform my moms hutch. This product is called Dover and I would highly recommend it as well.
Dover Chalk Paint Mix- Used with an old can of grey we had in the garage
Check your local antique stores. In my hometown many of the small stores carry a variety of brands of chalkpaint and most are at a decent price as well.
Home Depot just started carrying a new line of chalk paint from Rustoleum as well called “Chalked”. I bought my first can last week and can’t wait to try it out.
 image1General Finishes Milk Paint-Snow White 
I hope you feel inspired to keep  those old family heirlooms, while making them your own in the process.
If you feel inspired to try chalk paint, but want a tutorial on how to, here is a fellow blogger who gives you great tips on a chalk painting.
I do not claim to be a chalk paint expert, I just know I love it.. love it.. I love it. I hope you will too.
Happy DIYing!

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