Ikea Slipcover- My One Year Review

Let me just start by stating the elephant in the room. Yes I have a white couch with two toddler boys. I know, I know you think I am nuts. While I totally admit to being nuts, I will also admit that this is one of my all time favorite purchases we have made for our home.

We bought this sofa from Ikea one year ago because our 3 piece sectional was just too large for our 900 square feet house. We went back and forth between the love seat and the sofa. When I found the sofa in the “As Is” section for less than half the price  and with the white cover,  I knew it was meant to be.  

I did a lot of research knowing we would want this sofa to be with us for the long haul. Some of my favorite bloggers have this sofa and have similar reviews you can check out.

Liz Marie

City Farmhouse

I love that the cushions and base of the sofa are covered by slip covers that are removable and washable. I bleach my covers once a month or as needed… ketchup fingers, dirt feet, you know.. all the fun boy things.

I wash mine with hot water and bleach, and dry each of my covers. I haven’t had any problems with it shrinking or staining permanently. This Sofa is magical.

The best part is you can purchase the covers separately at Ikea for $99. So if in the next couple of years my covers are beyond repair, I can purchase new covers and bam.. I’ll have a whole new sofa! This is what I call my insurance policy 😉

My kids have written on my couch with permanent markers, they have rubbed their food hands all up and down the sides, sat their little hynies down on the sides with their new red pjs, and lots of other yucky boy things, and my couch is still as white as white can be.

Honestly I would recommend a white sofa over any other color… You can’t bleach a blue couch.. just saying. 😉

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