My Black Friday Picks & The Best HOME Deals to Look For

We have a special tradition in my family, more specifically all the cousins and women of the family! Every year the day after Thanksgiving we wake up super early and do the whole “Black Friday thing. When I was younger I went without a list, without knowing the best deals, and pretty much bought anything I thought was a “good deal”. I think I ended up spending more on Christmas and I bought things I might not have if it wouldn’t have been for the “SALE” sign above it.

This year I have done my research! I am hoping to stay on budget and buy the essentials that are actually a good deal on Black Friday.. so what are they you ask? I have teamed up with to bring you some of the best ways to Upgrade your home or apartment. We live in a 900 sq. foot home so these items are a must to make the  most of the space we have.

How to Hack Black Friday Deals To Upgrade Your Apartment
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Here are some of my Black Friday Picks from that list:

TV: 43″ HDR ROKU Smart TV A smart TV is a must now days. You can even use this one to light up that Faux Fire from Netflix on Christmas morning. Who needs a real fireplace when you have a TV that will make your fire look so real.  This one is on sale for $299 and was $349!

Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker  We use our Bluetooth speakers every day. It helps keep me motivated on cleaning days and makes our friend get togethers super fun! Was $149 and on sale for $89!

Alexa Home System: Amazon Fire HD Tablet with hands free Alexa  With this price you can buy one for yourself and someone in your family!Was $149.00 and is now $99.00

Blender: Ninja Blender – Let me just say we have the smaller version of this blender and we make smoothies every day with it. This is a great deal!! Is $129 was $199

Kitchen Aid: Kitchen Aid Mixer– I have been wanting one of these for years. Only $179 and was $249

Food Processor: Cuisinart Food Processor – only $79.99 and was $189.99 You guys!! This is a killer deal. I think I might be jumping on this one first!

Sheets: Studio Ultrafit Performance Sheet Set You can never have enough sheets right? These are comfy and actually affordable! These were $110 and are only $39 for Black Friday!

Blanket- Sweater Knit Blanket Yah I will be getting everyone in my family one of these! They are my favorite blanket to wrap up in when watching a movie and with this price I can afford a few! Was $59 now $37

Vacuum-  Shark Rocket Ultra Light  Who ever said mom doesn’t like getting a vacuum for Christmas. This mama definitely didn’t! Was $199 Now $149

Lighting- Black Pendant I am obsessed with this light! We just redid our Bedroom and I want this light so bad. Now to convince the hubs!!! Was $289 Now $139

Basket- 3 Square Iron Baskets with Lids All I can say is I WANT. These were $90 and now they are $53

And there you have it… We’ve done all the hard work for you, now go make your home beautiful!

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