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Hello and welcome to our Christmas Home. I am so very excited to join this group of talented ladies in A VERY MERRY Tablescape Blog Hop. Be sure to check out each of their posts and beautiful tables- believe me, you won’t want to miss out on any of the inspiration they have to offer. These girls are the real deal. So grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy!


Here is So Cal, we don’t have much of a White Christmas, but even in the 80 degree weather, I love the holidays. I love the smells of Christmas, the greenery, the hot cocoa, and all the festivities that come with this time of year.


When I began dreaming up this years theme, I kept thinking greenery.. lots of greenery. In the end I went with the traditional Red and Green Christmas, because who is kidding.. I love color. Even in this neutral loving culture, I can’t help but gravitate towards color. And I don’t think there is any shame in that.  The red and green inspired a truly traditional Christmas, with a little mix of farmhouse goodness.  I defintley wanted my classic Farmhouse Christmas Table to have lots of natural elements.


I began by picking those nature inspired items, my diy wooden log candle holders, the Christmas tree Garland, and even the Ikea chargers had a natural feel to them.

Here are some look alike candle holders on Etsy!!


Then I thought about the pop. What item(s) could I find that would give my table that WOW factor. If you know me, you know I am a thrift shoppin, road side pickin, trash diggin, lover of all Treasures (junk). For real. Its a problem.



I love finding items that have lost their appeal and making them beautiful  again. Some times you can up-cycle the item, or in some cases, simply bring them back to life in a new setting. These glasses were those items. I found these at our  OC Goodwill shop! The whole set of 6 was $5, and the two additional sets I got with it were another $5. I love the Christmas Pop it gave the table.

But here are some look alike at Khols!



I found these plates at Target and fell in love. Each plate was $1.99 so it was a no brainer. They have lots of other holiday inspired plastic plate ware as well.


I picked up the greenery at our local Wholesale Floral shop. If you are a local So Cal friend, you have to check them out. They are extremely helpful and always have the seasons best on hand. And don’t forget my tip on free greenery at Home Depot. You can make your own garland for free!! When I saw the cedar, the princess pine, and all the christmas goodness I wanted it all. I created this garland, a wreath and had lots left over for $40.


If you are lucky enough to live in a place with greenery around you, take advantage of it. Clip trees, bushes, and anything you can find. This option is free 99 people. You can lay your greenery out or make garland.  Watch my under two minute tutorial on Garland. Garland is easier than you think. I am no expert, but thanks to a florist friend, and You Tube, I can create garland for any event, and believe me.. I have used this skill more than I thought I would.


We only have 4 more weeks until Christmas morning. I hope you feel inspired to create your own perfect tablescape for this years Christmas. As always, thank you for stopping by. Be sure to check out all the other ladies and their tables as well.

Happy Decorating.


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    1. Thank you so much Katie. You are so sweet. I think the candle holders were one of my favorite DIY’s this season. Your home and table were truly beautiful as well friend.

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