As I look through Pinterest, I often wonder how many tutorials are passed up because people think they are not “crafty” enough to try it. I use to be one of those people. I have many friends who would vouch for me. They would tell you that I was not the artsy or crafty one as a child, or even as a teen. I so badly wanted to be, but it was not a natural gift I possessed. After years of wanting to be crafty, I finally just started trying. And I am so glad I did.


We have resources now at the tips of our fingers. Literally anyone who can read and look at pictures can do these. Some tutorials have been a little above my head too. If that is the case, find another one that suits you better. Many tutorials also call for multiple items and tools that I don’t just have lying around the house. Again, look for a new one. Just last week I wanted to make pom pom garland for my mantel. I came across one tutorial that called for a couple items I didn’t have. I kept looking and sure enough, there were multiple tutorials that required yarn and my hands. I had both so that was the winner. 🙂



As Valentines Day approaches, I wanted to give you an easy tutorial on making a sign. If you are already at this point and are still thinking you would just rather buy one.. then hey.. visit my Etsy Shop. I have this sign available for $30.00.

Signs are a great way to decorate, represent your family, feelings, or favorite verses or sayings. And they are just adorable. Although I framed my sign, you can make this sign without the frame and it will make the perfect décor for Valentines Day. Or you can change the word or saying and have year round décor.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • A piece of wood(any size, depending on how long or wide you want it)

{You can get this from Michaels, or Home Depot. Home depot will cut the piece of wood for you if you have the measurement}

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Printer
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Sand paper (Optional)


Step One: Sand down your wood to get a nice finish. Sand until the wood is smooth enough to run your hand across without getting splinters. This will also make it easier to paint. For all you rustic lovers out there, grab a hammer, crow bar, and a knife, and take out all your built up aggression on this poor piece of wood. This is my favorite method of distressing(I guess I mean that in multiple ways)!!!

Step Two: Paint your wood the desired color. I painted mine White, swiss coffee to be exact. You can paint it with acrylic paint or stain your would as well. Its your project lady- so rock it.

Step Three: Print the word or saying you would like. You will want to play with the size and make sure it fits the piece of wood you have, I like finding and downloading free fonts off of blogs I have found on Pinterest. Here are a couple of free fonts available from:

He and I 

Yellow Bliss Road

I Should Be Mopping the Floor

All of these Blogs are amazing! So go give them some love.



Okay so now you should Print the word you want in the size you want for your board.


Step Four: Trace the word or phrase onto the wood. You will want to use a sharp pen, and press hard into the wood. It is okay if it goes through the paper, just try to stay with the lines as much as possible.




Step Five: Paint the letters. If you pressed hard enough into the wood, you will have little indents to follow which makes staying in a straight line easier. I am starting to free hand most of my signs now, but with this method, anyone can look like they have amazing handwriting!! How cool is that?!



Step Six: You can sand your item again to give it a worn look, or you can glaze it with a polyurethane or wax to give it a finished look. It’s your beautiful work… step back and admire what you have created!!!




Happy DIYing!!




If you create your own taylormade item, share it with me on social media!!




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