Uniquely Cheap & Creative Ways to do Season Decor {Year Round}

Hello Friends. Can you believe that it has almost been a month since Christmas? We are entering the season on Love, Cupid, and all things pink and red. I didn’t use to be one that would switch out décor year round, but I have found that doing so keeps me from getting bored with my house and spending money on new items, which of course is where my boredom leads. I know that starting this seasonal décor change can be a challenge and tends to put a dent in the bank. I have a couple of tips and ideas that I have adopted so I can do this without my husband wondering where our savings has gone. 😉


First, start season by season. The next holiday is Valentines Day so I will use this as an example, but these tools and tips can be used at any and all of the seasons and holidays.


Start with just a few additions in the home that add a pop. Use items of the color, or concept that you want, (i.e.: love with Red, pink, and gold, or in my case lots of black, white and Gold) First I look around my house to see what I already have. Sometimes you can use different items in new ways that allow it to feel new or exciting. For instance, I have a heart pillow I kept from my childhood when I had a very cool I love Lucy Room!! Yup, nerd alert. I was a little obsessed. Luckily I have lots of heart and love items around my home. Seems I am obsessed with it… but hey that’s a good obsession right?!


The key is thinking outside of the box. One of the best investments I have made is buying a lot of chalkboards. You can use these year round and simply change the wording for each holiday. It is a simple and subtle way of displaying each season and holiday. {This Chalkboard use to be a Gold Mirror. Look out for my next blog where I share how to do this!}


I see beautiful décor in all my favorite stores like Home Goods, Target, and Marshalls, but I know I can’t afford it. With this method, you can see that same beauty and excitement in items lying around your house, maybe you just haven’t noticed the potential yet. Its called “Shopping your house” and its a method I use ALL the time. So look around your house, and maybe even the garage and attic to see what you have that you can use.

Second, search the Dollar store, 99 Cent store, {my favorite} Target Dollar Spot, and thrift stores. I think most of my holidays and seasonal décor comes from the Dollar Spot. My husband says it’s not a Dollar Spot when you spend $50 there, but that is self-control ;). And I am working on that.  Often they will switch out there holiday, and seasonal décor months before the holiday arrives. They started putting out Valentines décor before Christmas had arrived. The key is knowing when they will put it out and getting there before all the goodies are gone. Some of the best décor I have gotten was gone a week in and I never saw it again. So if you like it.. get it fast. {The Banner, Pitcher, and ampersand are all from the dollar spot. The little heart in the pitcher is the $ store}


Notice my banner changed. That’s because I scored that new banner for 3$ and it matched much better. Score!!!

You can ask the customer service desk when they will be putting out new items. Some employees have been very helpful and others, not so much. But it is so worth a try. With thrift stores, I always look a couple of months ahead, and then I continue looking after the holidays. My local Goodwill has some great Harvest and Christmas décor all brand new from Target and for less than half of the price. I know its hard getting items a year ahead, but so worth it when you think about all you’re saving. The Dollar Store and 99 Cent store will randomly have an item or two that I use. A few years back they had little wooden cutouts of words like “Faith”, “Hope”, and “love”. I enjoyed using those on my bookshelves, and mantel. I am not promising you’ll find anything at any of these places, but worth a stop, don’t ya think?

Lastly, make it yourself. I know that this takes time, some money, and a lot of you are reading this and thinking you aren’t “crafty”. I tease that I am not naturally crafty; I am just a great copycat. There are so many great tutorials out there. All of which explain step by step with detailed pictures. If I can do it, so can you!!

An easy place to start with DIY décor is buntings, garland, and banners. Bunting and garland can be changed out and used for multiple seasons of decorating, so it’s a great investment. I recently made some pom pom garland off a tutorial I found on Pinterest. Super easy, super cute, and I can use them for Christmas, winter, and Valentines Day. The Dollar spot also sells premade bunting that you can add words, paint, or whatever else to. Again.. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to all of that. You can find tutorials for almost anything. I know lots of people who think Pinterest is overwhelming. And while it can be at first, it will become your best friend if you take the time to learn it. Here are some tutorials:


Or Here

Another easy Décor item, are free print outs from Pinterest.

DSC_0732PicMonkey Collage

Here are some great Valentines printables that you can print, frame, and decorate with.

These Ones are GREAT!

Check out these cuties!!

You can always make yourself a cute little sign that has one or two words on it that represent the season or holiday. I put together this LOVE sign in a few minutes.

Click Here for the Tutorial

Or purchase these signs on ETSY



Decorating for each season can be fun and exciting, and cost little to no money. Give it a try! Maybe you’ll surprise yourself!!


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